Machine Moving and Haulage

The basics of hydraulic lifting and rigging.

Various industries require a specialised solution to safely move heavy, bulky, or fragile equipment to new destinations. Each of these items presents unique challenges and considerations to ensure safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation.

The solution for these challenges is hydraulic lifting and rigging.

Specialist companies like Rigwell offer hydraulic lifting and rigging services to the commercial and industrial sectors

Rigging and lifting are essential for transporting abnormal-sized loads, whether for long or short distances. In addition, hydraulic lifting and rigging services are also instrumental in transporting delicate equipment like central data servers where a specialised approach is necessary.

Hydraulic lifting and rigging services are generally highly specialised. Since hydraulic lifts and rigs operators must have extensive training and knowledge, it’s often best to outsource these tasks to experienced professional rigging crews like Rigwell.

Riggers’ responsibilities

After years of training and experience, riggers are responsible for effectively and safely setting up rigging equipment and ensuring loads are correctly secured and safe for transport. As a result, they need to check and select the correct rigging lines, hoists, and other gear.

WIn addition, riggers must ensure all rigging equipment components are properly cleaned and regularly maintained to ensure that they can be used consistently and reliably.

TIndustries that require hydraulic lifting and rigging services

While hydraulic lifting and rigging services are often needed on an ad-hoc basis, specific sectors rely on these services.


Petrochemical plants use extremely large and machines that must be transported with care due to their size and weight. As a result, even the slightest error during transportation can be catastrophic. In addition, equipment like catalytic combustion analysers, gas absorbers, chromatographic scanners, etc., are delicate and similarly need special transport measures in place. In both instances, hydraulic lifting and rigging offer an effective solution.

The construction industry

It’s expected that the construction industry uses exceptionally heavy assets and materials and may require hydraulic lifting and rigging services to move or transport them safely and effectively.

Telecommunications and data storage

IThe equipment used in the telecommunications and data storage industries is unique since they're not necessarily excessively heavy but sensitive and likely to break during transport. Due to their delicate nature, hydraulic lifting and rigging services are often required.

The mining sector

ike the construction industry, the mining sector uses excessively large, immobile, and heavy machinery with the added challenge of treacherous terrain and confined spaces. However, with hydraulic lifting and rigging, these difficulties can be overcome.

Items moved through hydraulic lifting and rigging

In addition to these specific industries that use hydraulic lifting and rigging, there are various items used in several industries that should be transported with rigs. These include:

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units in homes, office blocks, etc. These units are heavy and cumbersome with several moving parts, making it challenging to transport unless hydraulic lifting and rigging are used

Considering the unreliable power grid, more businesses and industrial facilities are investing in generators. However, in addition to their size and weight, the infrastructure support equipment contains highly delicate elements. To move them into place or to a new location, hydraulic lifting and rigging offer the perfect solution.

Safes and vaults

Occasionally banks move to new locations for various reasons. In addition, they may need to replace existing safes and vaults. For effective and safe transport of these walk-in assets, which can weigh several tons, hydraulic lifting and rigging is the obvious solution.

Hiring hydraulic lifting and rigging services

Some of the benefits of hiring a hydraulic lifting and rigging service provider like Rigwell include:

The safety and protection of the assets being moved, as well as the on-site personnel.

Years of experience and the latest technology.

Insurance against any losses sustained during the hydraulic lifting and rigging process.


Rigwell has over 20 years of experience in moving heavy machines. Chat with our team today if you would like to know more about our specialised hydraulic lifting and rigging services.