Machine Moving and Haulage

Types of rigging equipment.

When you move heavy equipment, you need to consider what rigging equipment to use. From the various types of rigging equipment, each rigging job requires the right tools. These are just a few of the rigging equipment used most frequently.

Rigging hooks

Rigging hooks are typically made from steel, used to lift heavy equipment, and designed to minimise the risk of slippage. These hooks come in different designs and sizes, based on the type of load that is lifted. Other types of this rigging equipment include chocker, sorting, clevis grab, and eye

Pulleys and blocks

Pulleys and lifting blocks are rigging equipment used to lift extremely heavy objects. They reduce the amount of force needed to lift and moving heavy gear. Different types of lifting blocks include square blocks, snatch blocks, swivel blocks, and tilt-up blocks. They are available in various sizes and can carry loads up to 30 tons. Riggers can choose from single and double pulley systems. Rigging ropes circle the pulley and are hooked to the object for lifting. Pulleys are based on frame, rope, and sheave size. Lifting blocks are often used with wire rope and pulleys used with synthetic rope.


Shackles comprise connecting links so different types of rigging equipment can quickly be connected to and disconnected. They are generally used with loads that weigh between 2 700 kgs and 5 000 kgs. This category of rigging equipment can be broken down to anchor and chain and include different types of shackles such as round pin, screw pin, and safety types

Eye bolts

Eye bolts work as anchor points in rigging configurations to loop cables or ropes. They are available in various sizes and materials, depending on the different types and sizes of loads. The most common types are straight eye bolts and shoulder eye bolts.

Steel nuts

Determining what size of stainless steel nuts and eye bolts to use depends on the weight and shape of the load. The most used rigging nuts include ball ends, hex nuts, lifting eye nuts, dome nuts, and wing nuts.

Wire ropes and accessories

Wire ropes are fortified with multiple stainless steel or carbon steel wire strands in a helix pattern for extra strength. In addition, wire ropes can be galvanised to protect them against weathering.

Synthetic lifting slings

Synthetic slings are available as endless slings and eye-and-eye slings. Endless slings are synthetic material in a loop, and eye-and-eye slings have triangular, flat, or twisted ends that are made of metal or synthetic material.


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