Machine Moving and Haulage


Regardless of the size and complexity of your facility, factory relocation is rarely ever a straightforward procedure. It requires specialised rigging services, that need to be provided by an experienced and highly skilled team of professional riggers. It requires careful planning, flawless execution, and of course, highly specialised equipment and vehicles.

This is as true for factory relocations to other premises, as it is for changing the layout of existing ones. And since each rigging project requires somewhat of a custom approach, you want to ensure that the company you have partnered with, is able to offer the full spectrum of services you need.

So, before opting for a rigging company, be sure that they offer at least some of the following services:


This one should be a standard for any rigging company worth its salt, and so should always be an expected offering.

The right factory relocation service will ensure that every piece of equipment or machinery in your facility is properly taken to the next one, no matter how far they have to go. These services will provide both the necessary vehicles, as well as skilled rigging personnel to disassemble, rig, transport, place, and reassemble equipment from one factory to the other.


Whether ordering machinery and equipment that is being brought to your facility, or safely unpacking equipment once it has been transported from one factory to the other, the process of rigging for unpacking and securely placing equipment and machinery where it needs to go, is as characterised by risk as any other rigging task.

While the rare few facilities are adequately outfitted with the equipment and engineering skills to ensure that this is done properly, the vast majority of factories in South Africa don’t.

Because of this, partnering with a rigging contractor who can assist with unpacking and placing equipment is another important consideration.


Once equipment has been rigged, hoisted, and loaded, it needs to be transported safely from one facility to the next. Extremely heavy equipment doesn’t have the luxury of fitting snugly on bakkies and trucks. Their weight and size mean they need specialised vehicles (and drivers with the skill to operate them) in order to get the job done efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely.

So, be sure that the rigging contractor you are looking at is able to handle transportation for you, before signing up with them.


In certain instances, you may be unable to move machinery directly to your new premises, in which case storage is an important consideration. Being that heavy machinery takes up a lot space and is remarkably heavy, regular storage won’t do.

Specialised warehousing and storage will be necessary, and while there are companies who specialise in this, finding a rigging contractor who can handle it for you will streamline the process, and likely work out to be far more cost-effective.


It sounds like it should be taken for granted, but not every rigging contractor has a comprehensive fleet of the vehicles needed for their tasks. Some may likely outsource machines and vehicles.

On the surface there is nothing wrong with this, but they may not be able to account for the condition (and therefore the effectiveness and safety) of their fleet, may struggle with availability, and will likely have to charge more of a cost to account for the rental, than a company that can supply their own.


It is worth looking into the kinds of industries that the rigging company specialises in to determine if they would be a good fit for your needs. The capacity they can handle, the vehicles they have at their disposal, and the range of different types of rigging projects they have undertaken successfully, will tell you a lot in this regard.

The hoisting and transportation needs for equipment in a warehouse may differ to those in a petrochemical plant, for instance. Different types of heavy machinery characterise each industry, and often these need special consideration where rigging is concerned.


If you would like to know more about how the right rigging contractor can assist with any of the abovementioned services, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Rigwell today or visit our website for additional information on our offers.