Machine Moving and Haulage

Machine Moving Services

Rigwell provides professional, reliable and country-wide Machine Moving Services! We have more than 20 years of heavy machinery moving, hauling and rigging experience. Our services provide all industries with the highest quality moving capabilities.

We relocate entire factories and will unpack containers containing heavy equipment. Moreover, we will move pieces of heavy machinery. Rigwell offers warehousing space for your equipment. Our locations can be found in three major South African cities. This is Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Furthermore, we are perfectly positioned for services across South Africa.

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Our Fleet

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Rigwell has extensive Machine Moving Service experience working in the oil and gas industries. We also focus on packaging plants, the printing industry, motor manufacturers, bottling, food, bev-erage and clothing industries; amongst others.

Rigwell moves boilers, bottlewashers, printing presses, lathes of any description within the engineer-ing sectors. On top of this we will move chillers for the refrigeration industry and shipping containers.

We specialise in rigging services and are equipped to handle even the most challenging moving projects. We understand that time is money and strive to work proficiently, accurately, dependably and safely.

Rigwell relocates entire factories

Rigwell relocates entire factories with our own fleet

We use our own fleet to relocate your factory to new premises. With bases in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, we are able to easily move your factory across the country. We've been moving factories since 1992 and have experience across all industries. We move engineering equipment such as lathes, cnc machines, milling machines and printing equipment. We've moved chillers for the air-conditioning industry, production lines for the manufacturing industry and boilers.

Rigwell unpacks containers

Rigwell unpacks containers

We take full responsibility for a move from loading to unpacking. With teams of highly qualified, experienced riggers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban we offer value added service of unpacking containers. Should you be receiving containers with heavy equipment we can efficiently and expertly unpack and place this equipment for you.

Rigwell moves heavey equipment

Rigwell moves equipment through South Africa

Our Machine Moving Services ensure that we can move it for you. Using our own fleet we ensure great service and superior handling. We can move pieces of equipment from just about any indus-try you can think of. Moreover, we have experience moving equipment from the manufacturing, engineering, printing and petroleum industries.

Rigwell provides warehouse storage space

Rigwell provides warehousing space for your equipment

Besides moving and unpacking of heavy equipment, Rigwell also offers secure warehouse storage space nationally at our bases in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, should you require warehousing of your valued equipment.